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"I get more information about Dad with EmPowerYu than I would if I lived down the street and saw him everyday."
Linnea M., long distance family caregiver

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Kitchen score
Visual dashboard
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Summary view for a family caregiver

The green checkmarks indicate that behavior and environment are normal.

The orange exclamation indicates a medical device reading out of range, which also turns the banner orange to draw attention.

The square walking figure tells the observer that Mrs Mac is active at home right now.

For easy review, the real-time dashboard shows a current summary (see above for families, there is a list version for care teams). Authorized care circle members can see daily and weekly patterns at a glance, as well as timing and frequency of sleep gaps or visits to the toilet, whether there is activity throughout the day, when kitchen and entertainment devices like microwaves and TVs are used, and whether medical device readings are taken.


Eating is described by an algorithm that learns the amount of activity typical of that home, and determines a personal threshold for activity high enough to be labeled a 'meal'. Meals are shown on the dashboard. Kitchen score is a measure of meal complexity. A low effort coffee-and-toast meal produces a low score, while more effort spent preparing the food produces a higher score. Appetite is an important indicator of wellness.

Alerts and Notifications

EmPowerYu learns the Heartbeat of the Home(R) - the pattern of expected daily events, like when the person gets out of bed in the morning, or when meals are prepared. Knowing what is normal means we can tell caregivers when changes happen or normal events are missing. We have automated what the family means when they say "I know Grandma is not feeling well when she misses her favorite soap opera". Or "If Uncle Jerry doesn't leave the house to walk down to his mailbox, it means his heart failure is bad again." Our Alerts are sent when attention may be needed. Our Notifications reduce stress in family caregivers by telling them when normal events happen, like their loved one getting out of bed..

Preserve family assets
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Many families cannot afford the cost of professional home caregivers, but are worried about their loved one who is living independently in the community. EmPowerYu provides information to authorized caregivers at a fraction of the cost of hiring home aides. Even when nobody is onsite, EmPowerYu caregivers can see whether their loved one is on his or her normal routine. We keep people connected to their care providers - through pandemics and flu season, snow storms and heat waves, day in and day out.

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