Benefits for Homecare Providers

Better Remote Care Management
Continuous Risk Assessment Using a Proprietary Dataset

EmPowerYu is an innovative remote patient monitoring system that meets the many challenges presented by today’s changing healthcare needs.  Our technology supports continuous person-centered care from the home for better care in clinical settings.  The aim of outcomes-based care programs like Medicare Advantage is to merge lifestyle, medical, and environmental data in order to manage patients as whole people, not just treat symptoms.  EmPowerYu is collecting a unique and proprietary set of data from homes of medically vulnerable people to ensure safety in the community and improve their care.  Our integration of behavioral data with events of specific interest, like taking medication or medical device readings, allows real time assessment of health and wellness, and detection of changes over time.  The value of an open platform approach using diverse inputs is to create greater understanding of the source of concerning events - like correlating Thursday blood pressure spikes to dinner out on Wednesday nights, indicating dietary choices that could be addressed. 



Triple Aim Goals

EmPowerYu provides an easy, economical way for providers to monitor the overall wellness of patients, increasing patient satisfaction and improving quality of care while simultaneously reducing both operational and patient-care costs.  We prevent alarm fatigue from patient-generated data by giving caregivers control over when alerts are issued.

Real In-Home Metrics

EmPowerYu integrates data streams from multiple types of devices in the patient’s home, because health and wellness is reflected in life activities, not just medical readings.  EmPowerYu’s personalized Home Life Record™ for each patient quantifies wellness indicators like eating, sleeping, and home activity using a strategic set of sensors that integrates lifestyle, environmental, and home medical data.  We understand the whole person for early detection of problems and trend analysis, and we focus on presenting actionable information that can support home care decisions.



  • provides life context to medical data – for example, Mrs Smith’s blood pressure is normal and she is moving around the house more since starting her new hypertension medication

  • integrates all data streams, presenting it as information on a simple and actionable graphic user interface – we analyze and summarize all the data, and pull out the important information to support decision-making

  • protects data privacy according to HIPAA regulations, while allowing bring-your-own-device access inside or outside of healthcare facilities

Behavioral analyses could include:

Sleeping - morning out-of-bed time, night bedtime, total time in bed, sleep time consistency, gaps and rises during sleep period

Eating - meal preparation activity, non-meal kitchen activity, total daily meal activity, time of day for meal activity, reliability of meals, variability between meals, missed meals (out of house?)

Activity - total quantified activity, activity during wake time, activity during sleep time, ratio of activity during sleep and wake periods, activity before and after medical treatment, distribution of activity, out-of-house pattern, lack of expected activity (fall detection), time/sequence tracking, device usage including electrical and medical devices (e.g. TV, microwave, bedside lamp, CPAP, etc.)

When medical devices are used, correlations could include how glucose readings relate to meals, sleep parameters with blood pressure readings, etc.

EmPowerYu can be a very useful tool for caregivers of persons with early stage dementia by providing an objective view of events in the home.  For example, people with early dementia may not be able to remember how they slept the previous night, but the timing and amount of activity during the sleep period is available from EmPowerYu without requiring a camera or a wearable for a forgetful older adult.  Understanding eating, sleeping, and activity patterns helps caregivers understand daily needs and monitor specific symptoms.

A simple green checkmark signals whether the actions of the current day match the normal pattern.

Early Intervention Reduces Emergency Care and Hospitalizations

Early detection of potential problems is key to achieving Triple Aim goals.  EmPowerYu can give you much more than basic vital signs – it builds a complete, holistic Activity Profile™ for each patient.  For the immediate period after coming home from the hospital, EmPowerYu metrics can document how well recovery is proceeding.  For long-term health and wellness, our historical dataset for each person supports discovery of subtle changes, like decreasing activity and increasing TV time, or decreased walking speed. In case of an illness like pneumonia, EmPowerYu detects significant changes like the person not getting out of bed in the morning.  In case of a fall or stroke that leaves a person unable to reach out for help, EmPowerYu reports inactivity to caregivers so the person gets help within hours instead of days.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Finding staff for home care companies or assisted living facilities is at the top of industry concerns. EmPowerYu provides a view of essential home activity 24/7, and can provide alerts when changes happen or measurements are outside of normal.  This can replace staff time, particularly on off-hours, while maintaining consistent oversight and prioritization of care recipients. We can track when a caregiver accesses a patient’s information, and help document time spent on individual patient care to support reimbursement codes and increase responsiveness to boost STAR ratings.

   EmPowerYu offers alert management through a call center.  Trained staff with proven alert management protocols will TelevalidateTM an alert from EmPowerYu by calling the client to determine whether an anomaly is meaningful before sending the information to the care team.  Televalidation prevents alarm fatigue and allows care teams to specify when and how they want information relayed to them.

Population Health Management and Outcomes-based Research

To effectively manage real patient populations, a Remote Patient Monitoring System has to be scalable, HIPAA-compliant, easy to use, acceptable to patients, and able to support operational efficiencies.  Ideally, it will also support outcomes-based research, be intuitive for non-technological caregivers with limited technical skills, allow setting the level of access for each caregiver, document caregiver time on the system to qualify for reimbursement, and meet reimbursement criteria for large numbers of patients through payers like Medicare and the Veterans Administration.  EmPowerYu meets these needs.

General activity is a high level metric for health and lifestyle satisfaction – if a person's activity pattern is normal (s)he is likely to be feeling well.  The EmPowerYu system can quantify daily patterns, providing measurable context for the effectiveness of provided healthcare beyond a granular measurement of heart rate, glucose level, blood pressure, etc.  This linkage of medical care to home metrics makes EmPowerYu data extremely valuable as an RPMS for outcomes-based research in individuals and populations, for clinical studies of new medications and devices, for post-acute care, and for chronic care management.

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