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EmPowerYu’s Lyfeome(R)* service organizes and analyzes daily life information

Everyone sleeps, eats, and moves around their home, and this pattern of essential activities is measurable. Behavioral patterns built from this data show the health and wellness of the whole person. Lyfeome(R) integrates data from a variety of home devices, then uses behavioral analysis to understand normal daily patterns and look for changes.

ECG becomes Heartbeat of the Home.png
The Heartbeat of the Home(R)

Daily life patterns are similar to a heartbeat trace that measures and shows details about heart function. Lyfeome(R) detects and analyzes the Heartbeat of the Home(R) - the quantity, duration, timing, and distribution of daily life details about eating, sleeping, activity, and use of devices in the home. Our automated data collection is effortless for home residents, so we get complete and long term patterns for everyone – even people who do not want to touch technology. Lyfeome(R) is built on two awarded patents for adaptive indirect monitoring.

*What Lyfeome(R) means - Lyfeome is the study of life at home. It includes the sound of those words with the scientific ending '-ome' that means 'complete set'. Examples include 'genome' for the complete genetic makeup of an organism, or 'microbiome' for the microbial community that lives in and around each organism. EmPowerYu's Lyfeome(R) service builds personalized patterns of daily life in the home to assess the whole person's wellbeing by building a baseline understanding of normal events, comparing to what is medically normal, and scanning for meaningful deviations.

Lyfeome(R) automatically collects real world datasets that establish the personalized Heartbeat of the Home(R) pattern. Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyze daily patterns, Lyfeome then communicates changes of concern to healthcare partners and families so they can take appropriate steps.  Example measurements that could generate alerts relevant to medical conditions include:
  • Normal range of morning wakeup time by day of the week

  • Daily kitchen score for effort spent preparing food

  • Activity measurements and timing, like a Fitbit for the home

  • Night-time activity and sleep gaps

  • Recognizing and reporting when medical device readings are out of range

  • Detecting when home temperatures are outside of the healthy range - this is particularly important to detect heat stress in the summer since older adults are susceptible to the temperature extremes currently seen across the US

  • Use of the bathroom (with resident permission)

Life context value
Flexibility and adaptability


Technology changes very quickly, and Lyfeome(R) is built to integrate any device as long as we can get its data. Lyfeome(R) is flexible and future-ready; it can incorporate new devices or new generations of devices as they become available.  So we can personalize the sensors as people’s needs change, while maintaining the power of a continuous data set.

Fall and stroke detection


Lyfeome(R) scans for a lack of expected activity, and can alert caregivers that a disabling problem may have occurred, such as a fall, a stroke, or an inability to get out of bed. Because EmPowerYu does not use cameras or other devices that watch a person constantly, it ​is not an emergency response system. For people who are willing and able to use it, a Personal Emergency Response system may provide additional reassurance.

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