is a

home care management platform


mathematically describes daily living patterns


adults with high medical needs


improve care at home


continuous risk assessment.


People with medical issues or safety concerns can enjoy the comfort and economy of living in their own homes more safely, especially if they live alone


Family caregivers gain peace of mind through convenient real-time access to information

​Professional caregivers can get insights from a unique dataset that integrates lifestyle and medical information, analyzes it, and displays it in real time.  Staff can be used more efficiently when technology tracks the daily status of care recipients.

EmPowerYu is a flexible platform that encourages communication between people at home and their caregivers.  

The Challenge of Independent Living

Most people want to live independently in their own homes and communities.  However, caregivers worry about persons living alone, particularly during the recovery period after a significant medical event like a surgery, or if the person has a complex chronic condition or substantial risk of injury.


EmPowerYu is better than current options:


  • Hourly in-home care is expensive and not 24/7

  • Telephones require the person at home to be willing and able  to reach out

  • Personal emergency response buttons require people to carry and use a device, and the buttons provide limited current information


EmPowerYu provides low-cost, reliable, 24/7, discreet monitoring and assurance, without requiring any effort or behavioral changes from the monitored person.

The EmPowerYu solution facilitates independent living for people with chronic health conditions, who are frail, or who have early stage dementia by improving oversight.  Our core strength is understanding the personal patterns of daily living so we can detect when the pattern in a home is normal or not.  When we find a significant change like not getting out of bed, not eating, increased activity at night, or repetitive behaviors, we alert the caregiver to check in.

Green means everything is normal.

Orange means a problem is detected.


EmPowerYu uses a small number of strategically placed, familiar security system sensors to detect daily life events like getting out of bed, preparing food, or moving around the house.  There are no cameras, nothing to wear, and no behavioral changes required from the home resident.  We mathematically describe each person's patterns of essential daily behaviors so the caregiver does not have to rely on self-reports or answers like 'I'm fine'. Our system is open to additional devices, like medical devices, home security, energy management, and safety, to create one overall analysis for caregivers.  By understanding personal patterns of eating, sleeping, daily activity, and device usage, our HomeSafetyNetTM service does the hard work of finding out when something is not normal.


We can tell you:

-When there is normal activity throughout the day and night,

-When a person with dementia is waking and wandering at night, or if he/she is eating during the day,

-When a person with heart failure gains weight and starts watching TV more and moving around less,

-Whether vital signs like glucose or blood pressure are being taken consistently,and are within range (without remembering what numbers are 'normal'),

-Whether a person just returned home from the hospital is getting out of bed, eating, and moving around the home each day,

-When home temperature is too high or too low, putting an older adult at risk,

-and more...

EmPowerYu was a finalist in the 2014 Nokia Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge for Telco Cloud and Big Data Analytics

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2016 Fall Health program

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