We empower the choice of living independently

EmPowerYu enables many people who have acute or chronic medical conditions to remain more safely in their own homes.


Our unique Remote Patient Monitoring System simultaneously satisfies the needs of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.  This unobtrusive system:

  • integrates data streams from a small network of simple sensors in the patient’s home;

  • performs sophisticated data analysis to recognize potential issues; and

  • delivers simple summary information—in real time—to family and professional caregivers, providing reassurance and enabling early intervention if needed.

Most elders want to live independently in their own homes, but family members worry about loved elders living alone, particularly after medical treatment.  Until now, options to solve this conflict have been limited:


  • Assisted Living averages $51,000 per year in the US, and moving forces unwanted changes on elders

  • Hourly in-home care is expensive and not 24/7

  • Telephones require active effort to reach out

  • Personal emergency response buttons require elders to remember to carry a device, provide no reassurance when everything is normal, and are prone to false alarms

The EmPowerYu solution facilitates independent living for elders while providing reassurance to their loved ones.  EmPowerYu is:


  • Convenient

  • Reliable

  • Adaptive

  • Flexible

  • Economical

  • Secure

EmPowerYu uses a small number of strategically placed, off-the-shelf security sensors  to monitor basic activity, and special user-adaptive software analytics to derive activity patterns from sparse sensor data (no cameras, nothing to wear, no buttons to push).


A simple and intuitive mobile app or web browser shows caregivers at a glance whether current activity is normal, and sends alerts when expected activity does not occur.


The core sensor set can be expanded and customized using sensors designed for health and fitness, security, home energy management, and safety applications.

EmPowerYu was voted a People's Choice Award at the 2013 Cleantech Open Global Forum

EmPowerYu was a finalist in the 2014 Nokia Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge for Telco Cloud and Big Data Analytics

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