Benefits for Home Residents

Stay in Your Own Home

If you’re like most people, you want to live in your own home and not be forced out by your medical condition or safety concerns.  With EmPowerYu, you can continue to enjoy the comfort of living in your own home, while having the reassurance that authorized caregivers will be notified automatically if your normal activity is interrupted by an accident or illness, or if your connected medical equipment shows abnormal readings.


Better Short-term and Long-term Care

When you return home from the hospital, or when you are dealing with complex chronic conditions alone at home, people are concerned about you.  Visits are best, but next best is the ability of your family or professional caregivers to know whether your activity and medical device readings are normal, and to be alerted when something is not normal.  Regular oversight improves patient care and satisfaction by detecting problems early and focusing caregivers on the important information.


EmPowerYu backs up and extends the Personal Emergency button.  Pushing the button summons immediate help, but if you forget to wear it or are confused or unable to push it, EmPowerYu will notify your designated caregivers when your normal activity is missing.  Caregivers also can see anytime that you are active and everything is normal, providing reassuring communication to caregivers that the button doesn't do.

Live Life Normally

EmPowerYu uses a few simple, unobtrusive sensors to generate just enough data to confirm that patterns related to eating, sleeping, and electrical appliance usage in your home are normal.  There are no cameras, wearable devices, or behavioral changes required. 

Set-and-Forget Convenience

After the sensors are installed, EmPowerYu does not require the home resident to do anything.  There are no devices to wear, no buttons to push, no codes to remember, no people to call—the system just works!  You can forget all about it and live your life normally. 

Enjoy Privacy and Security

Unlike some monitoring approaches, EmPowerYu respects your privacy and dignity.  EmPowerYu detects events without content - we do not collect images or sounds from the home.  We use familiar security system devices such as motion detectors that report only when there is movement in a room, or smart plugs that report when a coffee pot or TV is turned on or off.  These events are built into an understanding of a person’s daily routine.  We do not get information on the personal details of your life such as what you eat, what you are wearing, the TV show you are watching, or who visits you.

We take security of your data very seriously.  EmPowerYu uses state-of-the-art network security to ensure that only the people you authorize can access information about your activities. We use 128-bit encryption to protect your personal data records, and we separate your data from your identity so even if someone got unauthorized access to the data, the intruder would not know whose data it was.  We have a constant update policy to ensure that the most current security protocols are in place.

Preserve Your Assets

Many families cannot afford the cost of professional caregivers, but are worried about their mother, father, friend, child, grandparent, or other loved one living alone in the community.  EmPowerYu provides information to your authorized caregivers at a glance, sends alerts and notifications to keep them up to date, at a fraction of the cost of hiring caregivers.  We are not a substitute for on-site human observation, visits, or help with physical needs, but for those who need to conserve funds, or who don't want home care aides in the home, EmPowerYu provides big informational bang for the buck.

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