Benefits for Families

Peace of Mind, Family Harmony

Life can be challenging enough without having to worry about vulnerable loved ones who live alone.  And no one looks forward to conversations about taking medications or eating meals.  A long distance daughter using EmPowerYu says "I can see when (my Dad has) been sleeping regularly, whether he has opened the refrigerator, how much he's been watching TV or using his computer, and when he leaves the house  Since these sensors can be tailored to his personal habits and activities they can provide timely and valuable information .  The software also shows a recent history of actions or inaction, which can be quite helpful in seeing patterns.  Even if I were living close by and seeing him every day, I would not come close to having the overall picture provided by the sensor information.  I can go on with my life without unreasonable worry or needing constantly to call and annoy my dad trying to find out how he is doing."  Linnea M.

Independence + Reassurance, 24/7

EmPowerYu provides continuous, privacy-sensitive monitoring of seniors and medically vulnerable people, enabling them to remain in their own homes more safely.

With a quick glance at EmPowerYu’s simple app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer you can be reassured that your loved ones are OK.  But you don’t need to make a habit of checking, because EmPowerYu automatically notifies you if an expected event doesn’t occur, if a medical device reading goes outside of a normal range, or if you want to be reassured of a daily event like getting up in the morning, or the first meal of the day.

Maintain Your Own Lifestyle

Knowing whether an aging parent or other loved one is OK does not have to be a complicated juggling act.  The top level EmPowerYu page gives a simple and quick status summary at a glance, giving you the relevant information without taking time way from your job, your own family, or your other obligations.  You don’t have to get into the details unless you want to, and each person can set alerts according to her or his preferences.  

Economical and Timely

For a small fraction of the cost of assisted living or an in-home care provider, EmPowerYu provides you with current and convenient remote monitoring of your loved one, anytime, from anywhere, on your preferred mobile device or computer.

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