EmPowerYu satisfies the needs of aging seniors, disabled persons, and others who want to enjoy their independence, as well as family members and caregivers who need reassurance that their loved ones are okay.  EmPowerYu also advances the quality of healthcare by monitoring people at home after discharge from a medical facility, when patients are vulnerable to relapse or complications.


The unobtrusive, economical EmPowerYu system provides reliable, continuous monitoring, and is flexible and adaptive to meet diverse and changing needs from the moment of installation.  The intuitive graphical user interface for family and caregivers shows status at a glance.


With a glance at a SmartPhone, tablet, or computer, authorized caregivers can assure themselves that people at home are okay.  The simple graphical user interface of the EmPowerYu software shows daily activity and highlights any unusual events.


Protecting personal privacy is a core value of EmPowerYu. We detect events related to basic activities like eating and sleeping, without being able to get personal details.  For example, we can tell that food is being prepared but not what's for dinner, and that the TV is on but not what's being viewed. The monitored person also controls who has access to his/her information.


Monitoring involves sensitive data.  We protect it with state-of-the-art security technologies and practices. Web access to activity information is protected by Security Certficates and 128-bit encryption. Personal identities are strongly encrypted and stored separately from activity data, so even in the unlikely event of a system breach, the intruder could not trace activity data to specific people.  Monitored persons control who is allowed to access their personal data. 


EmPowerYu monitors lifestyle data and medical vital sign data, and delivers a simple status summary to authorized caregivers.  We also provide access to relevant information while protecting the privacy and dignity of monitored persons.


For less than the monthly cost of a typical smartphone bill,  EmPowerYu provides a solution that improves the safety of independent-living persons with medical needs and provides peace of mind and time savings to their families and caregivers.


Passive data collection for the behavioral modeling means that the EmPowerYu solution simply works: there is nothing to wear, no action to take, and no behavioral change needed. Predictive analytics identify patterns of likely activity and reassure authorized observers when patterns are ‘normal’, and alert them when patterns are ‘not normal’.


Every person has a unique pattern of eating, sleeping, and other daily activities, and each person has devices that they prefer for preparing food or taking medical readings.  EmPowerYu's powerful and personalized analytical model accepts data from a wide variety of user-selected devices and automatically learns what constitutes a "normal" activity pattern for each monitored person.  Our analytics also recognize that personal patterns often vary between different days of the week, even for retired people.  EmPowerYu detects if expected events are missing, and alerts the designated caregivers.


The EmPowerYu solution is an integration platform that works with many types of sensors.  The sensor set for each installation can be customized to suit needs and preferences, and the system can be extended to monitor new sensors that are developed in the future.

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