Field Testers Wanted!

We're currently looking for forward-looking retirees who would like to participate in field testing of the EmPowerYu solution, and become valued advisors as we optimize the system.
We will work with selected retirees to install sensor sets in their homes, and each participant will have the opportunity to see his/her own data  throughout the study.  During the first month, participants will be given the option of recording their activities on a secured webpage, and asked to provide feedback on different aspects of the system, such as ease of installation and unobtrusiveness. During the second, third, and possibly fourth month participants will be asked to respond 'yes' or 'no' to daily e-mails asking for verification of an activity predicted by the system analytics.  Of course, additional feedback will be welcomed.
To participate in this test phase, you must be:
  • A retiree living alone in a private residence (preference will be given to candidates living within a 15 mile radius of Sunnyvale, CA)
  • Comfortable with technology, have an Internet router at home, use a smartphone or computer daily, and communicate via e-mail
  • Willing and able to commit about 1 hour per week to the testing program for a period of up to 4 months after having a sensor set installed in your home
  • Functionally independent, with absolutely no need to rely on the system
  • Willing to provide your name, mobile phone number, and e-mail address (which will be stored in the system), and provide your home address (which will be stored separately and not used in any way by the system)
Important information about this test phase:
Candidates understand that their participation is completely voluntary and motivated by their personal interest in the technology, and that they will not receive payment or any other compensation for their participation.


Candidates will be required to complete a survey that will characterize their living situation for the purpose of selecting sensors and for EmPowerYu to better understand the variation in housing used by retirees.


Sensors used by EmPowerYu are intended to be set onto a surface or held in place using double sided tape; there will be no holes made during installation. Nonetheless, EmPowerYu will not be liable for any issues caused by test installations, nor for any issues related to system performance.


Sensors and other hardware provided by EmPowerYu remain the property of EmpowerYu, and may be reclaimed by EmPowerYu at the end of the test period or sooner, at the discretion of EmPowerYu.

Additional terms and conditions may be disclosed in the test program agreement that will be signed between EmPowerYu and approved participants.
If you'd like to volunteer to participate:
To apply for participation in an EmPowerYu field test, please provide your contact information using the form below.

fieldtest at


Tel : (408) 758-6595

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